How to Compete with Other Online Advertising Firms on the Web

By: SEO Philippines

Everyone is making money online. And it is not secret anymore that the Web is a crowded place to advertize. This makes advertising  difficult on the Web. Most online advertising firms have online advertising agents—SEO Resellers—to support their promotion. But it’s not late yet. Every day, Google is deindexing websites that fall short of their requirement. Every day, at least one website is ranked from its yesterday’s rankings.

The first thing you should do is to doll up your website. Make it SEO-friendly. Or Panda-friendly. Or if you have been following Panda’s rules for months, then you might recheck some of your sites faulty spot and have them altered. Do some measures to prevent your site from being deindexed. Remove all the monetization, that is, the Adsense and affiliate links. Kill all the dead and nonexistent links.

Doll up your content writing as well. Write regularly. They say a thousand words a post is good, but it is your devotion to putting contents in your site that matters. One expert says its fine writing 450 words per post, and it is fine. But be sure to make it a regular habit. Google favors blogs and sites with fresher contents; if three times a week is doable, and then do it. Writing daily is much better. But don’t overpopulate your contents with keywords. Post titles should not be spammy, or longtail phrases straight out of Google Keyword tool. It should be catchy and should not be deceiving; the post body should be related to the headline.

Make your website appealing and beautiful. Being SEO-friendly is not an excuse to be ugly. Remember that every website owner’s (especially online business owners) goal is to attract visitors to his page. However, you do not have to over-do it. The basic rule in creating a beautiful website is the proper use of whitespace, of color contrast and typefaces. If you have talent in taking pictures, you can add some photos on your blog. Just don’t link your pictures to another website or a nonexistent page. If hiring a Web designer is possible, and then do it.

Of course, you need to optimize your site. Since the competition is stricter among online advertising firms, you have to be on top of the SERPs. Additionally, you have to walk the talk. If you want to optimize people’s websites, you have to show them that you can optimize your website too. Manage your online reputation too. You don’t want your efforts to be harmed just because of a bad comment from the general public. This means you have to manage a social media reputation too. Regularly check your blog, Facebook, and Twitter comments.